Princess Sierra Findom Blog Update!

Posted a New Update on My Financial Domination Blog!
Some of February Highlights. Conjuring Up Lost Sheep, Casting My Spell on you. Findom Savior and Queen Princess Sierra



Princess Sierra — Holy Scripture




PRINCESS SIERRA can transform you and give you purpose.

I created you. I formed you. I named you.  I gave you life and purpose.  you are MINE!  For My true slaves this is not a fetish, a fancy or a vice. They outgrew that stage long ago. This is LIFE. Without ME, there is nothing.

My servants who are completely immersed in MY belief system, they all first started out like the rest of you…just worthless, dirty men seeped in fetish.  I brain-scrubbed them, replaced their selfish, low minded fetish with high minded worship. I Re-engineered their one-tracked minds.  I transformed them from nonfunctional  waste and re-made them as MY useful servants.   you all start out just pervs with a dick. you need FEMGOD in your life to be anything more than that. you can be better.  However, you can not be better or improve your lot in life with you behind the steering wheel.  I must drive your life.


Findom Brainwashing — Retraining the male brain.

Say Princess Sierra sacred affirmations daily. Let MY Words be engraved in your mushy male minds and imprinted into your subconscious forever.

Release your male ego TODAY. Embrace MY Divine principles & world view and be transformed into FemGod’s creation! Pay to Live. Live to Pay! — Princess Sierra

Reject society’s brainwashing ideas of what a man should be. They are Goddess-less lost sheep. your true place is serving FEMGOD.  — Princess Sierra