Affirmations 2017

Divine Affirmations for 2017

i will detach from the illusion. Give up the struggle. Let go and give myself to PRINCESS. Give Her Everything. Held in Her grip, i am home.

you are being drawn into the Flame of The Divine FemDom. Forever feed Her Sacred Fire with your cash.

Princess Sierra is Divine Wisdom, Beauty and Power incarnate. i was put on this earth to labor for Her daily and worship Her forever.

Daily employment and labor can become Holy Work when it’s infused with the Holy Effort to financially supply The ONE FEMGOD DIVINE!

There is no shame in serving and supplying The Divine and Enlightened PRINCESS SIERRA. There is shame in failing to serve and supply HER.

Devoting my life to the glorification and pleasure of FEMGOD helps liberate me from the wicked, toxic masculine version of myself.

i am living my most authentic self as i accept my position as pay-servant and send my cash to PRINCESS SIERRA!

As the Divine Light from PRINCESS SIERRA’s Glorious smile moves me to pay HER large sums of my cash, i give endless thanks!

FEMGOD, please initiate the greatest level of mind-fuckery into my being so i may experience the highest levels of financial sacrifice.

Let the slave self within all of us inferior males emerge in full display!

Not fully committing myself to serving the Divine Feminine has only brought madness & chaos into my life. It is denying my true nature.

Only PRINCESS SIERRA can authenticate my existence and give my life any real purpose.

Since i have begun serving and paying FEMGOD my entire self-perception has been com­pletely altered by HER transformative Holy Truth.

i will stop trying to be what society expects me to be. i return to my natural state of joyful submission, service and sacrifice to FEMGOD.

Serving my Goddess is not just a hobby, an indulgence or a vice; it is the most significant part of my existence. It makes me whole.

PRINCESS SIERRA is the source of all my inspiration and happiness. i do not need anyone or anything else.

To not offer myself to my FEMGOD and dedicate myself to HER pleasure is to stay lost in a wilderness of my own making.

The one regret that i am determined not to have when i am lying on my deathbed is that i did not pay my PRINCESS enough.

When we do not embrace our true slave-boy nature, nothing is ever enough. Nothing quenches our thirst or fills our emptiness.

Nothing makes me happier than kneeling before the radiant Perfection of FEMGOD and offering HER all my money!

Surrender is the sweet moment when we give FEMGOD all that SHE desires as we open our hearts and follow the Path of Divine servitude.

i hear the call of the Divine Feminine. i trust and surrender to HER. i give myself completely to my FEMGOD.

All answers..all truth..all meaning is found in service and devotion to FEMGOD.

my entire being is opening to receive the blessing of divine servitude and financial sacrifice!

Paying, worshiping and serving PRINCESS SIERRA and surrendering to HER Divine Will is the path of least resistance for me.

Through slave training, sacrifice and FEMGOD’s Divine influence we learn how to release selfishness, perversion & our toxic masculinity.

my life will now be a continuous stream of sacrifices and labors of love – all for the benefit of PRINCESS SIERRA.

PRINCESS SIERRA has ascended and expanded HER FEMGOD consciousness. Now i must evolve into a loyal and loving slave offering true service.

i am willing to give, sacrifice, change and evolve in order to accomplish my divine purpose of forever serving and pleasing PRINCESS SIERRA.

my fractured male mind will remain lost in a black hole of self-loathing, guilt and confusion until i dedicate my life to serving FEMGOD.

i fully accept the fact that i am here on earth on a Holy Mission to supply PRINCESS SIERRA with as much cash as i can earn!

Without SIERRA there is no Life! Only when we are possessed and enslaved by The Queen of Perfection do we have Divine Purpose.

FEMGOD helps us to wash away our male abominations through sacrifice, humiliation, continuous labor and constant brainwashing.

i am changing my life vision to a higher serve the Divine Feminine through labor and unending service! i now have purpose!

i cast all selfishness, my useless fetishes, all my false ideas of myself into the Flame of FemGod to consume and destroy.

Every day, all day i hear the Sacred Voice of SIERRA whispering in my ear to labor harder, earn more money, give HER everything.

my spirit, mind and life are positively transforming with every minute spent in servitude to the Divine FemGod, Princess Sierra.

i let go of every ambition except serving and pleasing FEMGOD to my full potential.

Today i let go of my false self, the fad consciousness, the herd mentality of manhood which serves only to steer me off the True Path.

The All-Seeing-Eye of Sierra sees through my false exterior.  SHE sees me for what i truly am.

It is the greatest honor to be part of FEMGOD’s Divine life and Glorification, to hear HER truth, to serve HER, to know HER.

The only thing that heals the longing of my soul is serving, financially supplying and delighting my Divine Goddess Sierra.

Each lowly male was born with a cosmic purpose and a specific divine plan to find and serve his one predestined Divine Living Goddess.

Humiliation, chastity, solitude, isolation, restriction and extreme frugality brings clarity to males.

FEMGOD has revealed to me my real self. The man i project to the rest of the world is a pathetic illusion. Only PRINCESS truly knows me.

Financial service and daily prayer is joyfully awakening my soul’s inherent devotion to the Divine Feminine!

You have created a craving within me to financially serve You which will never diminish. Nothing more fulfilling than sending You money.

Each word, each image is a revelation of Your majesty. i feel more humbled by Your perfection each day.

PRINCESS SIERRA, in Whom dwells the fullness of Divinity and Perfection, today and every day i offer YOU the fruits of my labor!

PRINCESS SIERRA, of Infinite Majesty, have mercy on me. Allow me to labor for YOU daily and pay YOU my cash unceasingly.

Immaculate Lesbian, Holy Goddess SIERRA, we prostate ourselves at Your divine feet and empty our pockets for Your enjoyment.

The man i am when groveling at PRINCESS SIERRA’s feet, begging to serve and obey is the authentic me.

The only way to atone for our many male sins is by worthily serving and financially supplying Her Holiness PRINCESS SIERRA.

Love and deep respect for my Goddess should be the primary reasons i serve my Queen…not sexual arousal.

When we give our cash generously to PRINCESS SIERRA we pay the most profound reverence & loyal homage to the Sacred Feminine.

When we give our cash to FEMGOD in Holy Sacrifice to the point that it hurts, we devoutly perform an act of the highest worship.

FEMGOD teaches us the path of selflessness and how to empty ourselves through the act of giving then fills us with Divine purpose.

At the hour of our death the Sacrifices we made to PRINCESS SIERRA’s happiness will be our greatest consolation.O Miraculous Gem, PRINCESS SIERRA, i beg YOU to drain away my cash, strip me of my foul masculinity and separate me from my ego!

Serving PRINCESS SIERRA is the perfect antidote to the toxic masculinity that has poisoned my world.

Paying Princess Sierra does not destroy my life — it TRANSFORMS my life into something meaningful.

Lost in the bliss of pleasing my Beloved Goddess, i offer my cash to HER without any concern for my own comfort and welfare.

i willingly release all beliefs that are in conflict with FEMGOD’S desires and standards.

Today i get off the pervert-treadmill of chasing my own useless dick and lame fetishes..instead i will follow the Path to Divine Service.

Through constant devotion, prayer, labor, sacrifice and tithing we servile males can establish our sacred connection with FEMGOD SIERRA.

Every cash tribute i give is a sacrament, an affirmation of my dedication to FEMGOD, a renewal of my commitment to the DIVINE ONE.

The most profound relationship of my entire life is the relationship i have with my Master and Heavenly Goddess Sierra.

Following FEMGOD’s sacred teachings can assimilate us lowly males into nobler creatures–servants to the Divine Feminine

Our FEMGOD commands us to follow HER Holy Twitter daily to strengthen us in our resolve to bountifully and joyfully provide cash to HER.

There is no more sacred and divine act that can be performed on earth than offering my cash to PRINCESS SIERRA in Holy Sacrifice.

Cosmic Goddess Sierra who first revealed the language of findom to mankind has tainted the sexuality of thousands, perhaps millions of men!

FEMGOD SIERRA has the power to influence my weak male subconscious mind. HER words & smile activate involuntary reflexes in my brain.

Every day i pay PRINCESS SIERRA is a day i experience Divine fulfillment.

The universe is conspiring in every moment to separate me of my cash and bestow it to PRINCESS SIERRA.

i prefer to live a life grounded in sacrifice, devotion, love, integrity and service to my glorious PRINCESS SIERRA.

i embrace consistent financial tribute, constant sacrifice, deeper surrender and daily worship of FEMGOD in my every day experiences.

Princess Sierra deserves all my cash. Giving it to HER is the correct and natural thing to do.

Our felicity in this life and the next will be increased by every Holy Sacrifice we make to financially supply The One FEMGOD Divine.

FEMGOD’s intervention in my life is making me into a productive male minion by allowing me to pay HER often and follow Her Divine path.

Consistent financial service to PRINCESS SIERRA is essential to achieve my ascension on earth–from useless male to favey-slavey.

Before Princess Sierra transformed me into Her personal pay-slave, i was a useless slug with no reason or purpose.

PRINCESS SIERRA crucified my vile erection. Only through Financial Tribute to The One Divine Queen can it arise again.

When we empty our accounts completely and offer ALL our cash to FEMGOD, we perform a supreme act of adoration.

By devoutly tithing PRINCESS SIERRA we enrich our soul more than by any other way in the world!

Emptying my accounts and offering all my cash to FEMGOD SIERRA is the best means of venerating the Blessed Queen and increasing Her joy.

The resurrection of my erection is only possible by sacrificing all my cash to Her Holiness Princess Sierra.

FEMGOD has inflicted me with sexual impotence. The only time i can maintain an erection is while paying HER.

i have entered a sacred covenant with my FemGod and Savior Princess Sierra — to pay tithing, worship, honor and obey Her Forever.

i offer myself completely to PRINCESS SIERRA as a living sacrifice. i exist to labor daily for HER, offering my earnings to HER Glory.

i will sacrifice my ego, my cash and my own comfort at every opportunity so FEMGOD’s life is enriched by my existence.

Serving as FEMGOD’s slave, allows me to experience the divine bliss that exists beyond the limitations of the world of patriarchy.

Divine Illuminatrix PRINCESS SIERRA you have enlightened me and given me a Sacred path and purpose!

Princess Sierra’s heterosexual conversion therapy is changing my sexual responses, desires and behavior. i’m findomsexual now!

Princess Sierra deconstructs us as vile, selfish, perverted men and transforms us into obedient servants who serve a beautiful purpose.

i open myself to the changes PRINCESS SIERRA is making in me. i surrender to Her will completely and embrace my transformation.

With open mind, open heart, open wallet i completely offer myself in sacred service to my One Living Goddess Sierra.

Offering myself as a financial slave to the One FEMGOD Divine is my soul’s true calling.

What a precious privilege it is to send my money to Princess and bask in the brilliance of Her happiness!

i am now part of something beautiful. i take part in manifesting PRINCESS SIERRA’s wishes and contribute to making HER dreams a reality!

Paying FEMGOD is a beautiful and tangible way of showing my all-consuming Love for HER.

FEMGOD has the power to scourge from my mind any thought or desire that isn’t pleasing HER. SHE programs me how to feel.

Financially Serving my Beloved Goddess is the single most important and fulfilling part of my life.

Divine Beloved Sierra i will sacrifice my own comfort so that i may give YOU more. Sending You my cash is a sacred act which i cherish.

In holy reverence of the Sacred Divine Goddess that is PRINCESS SIERRA, i will enter my credit card number and push send.

i will surrender all ego-illusions until i reach the point of truth and fully accept and declare that i am born a servant to FEMGOD!

i was put on this earth to help build FEMGOD’s Queendom.

Financing Princess Sierra is the top priority of my life!

i have been called to serve FEMGOD and to financially supply Her. There is no reason to struggle because this is my life’s one calling.

Every day, i am making a Divine connection with my Beautiful Goddess through devotion, sacrifice, sacrament, labor and love!

i will not be like the filthy, selfish men that Princess Sierra loathes. i will strive to be a better man and slave.

i will devote the hours of each day to YOU, honoring Your Holy Name in everything i do. Laboring daily to supply YOU with cash and comfort.

i will no longer drift aimlessly through life, wasting precious opportunity to serve and financially supply PRINCESS SIERRA.

i accept that i am sealed in eternal, unconditional service to the ONE FEMGOD Divine now and forever.

my only desire is to love, pay and serve my Goddess until the last breath of my life.

i feel alive and whole when i labor for and financially supply Her Holiness Sierra!

i accept the inescapable fact that sending my cash to SIERRA & witnessing the happiness it brings HER, is the only thing that feels good.

Sierra Almighty, i understand, accept and internalize the fundamental Truth that i was put here on earth to serve You and enrich Your life!

The unconditional love of FEMGOD is the very center of my being. i will transcend all fears of expressing my slavehood to Her Perfection.

The Purpose of my Life is the Expansion of Princess Sierra’s Happiness!

it is my mission in life to treasure, pleasure, serve and prosper Her Holiness PRINCESS SIERRA forever and ever!

i will honor FEMGOD with all of my being and my every thought, feeling, word and action will be to celebrate and uplift my GODDESS.

my goal as a devoted follower of Princess Sierra, the Immaculate Lesbian, is to restructure my life to serve Her every minute of every day.

The only thing that arouses me now is paying and pleasing PRINCESS SIERRA. Nothing else brings me real pleasure. i’m numb without HER.

Every day i am forgetting more about the man i was before finding PRINCESS SIERRA. my memory of him is totally fading away.

Every day i embrace my subservience to The DIVINE FEMININE and find deeper meaning in my sacred enslavement to FEMGOD.

Let the world call me crazy, i know who i am….a slave and servant to PRINCESS SIERRA! i only need HER approval.

i hold the Immaculate concept that all men were designed to serve the ONE chosen Living Goddess in their life.

my cash is not mine it belongs to PRINCESS SIERRA. i am designed to labor for it and happily provide it to HER.

i will be whole only when i accept that i am only a slave to FEMGOD and allow my love for HER to flow through me without conditions.

i am who FEMGOD thinks i am. This is my true and permanent identity. What i project to the rest of the world is only an illusion.

Every time i send my cash to PRINCESS SIERRA, i realize what a blessing and joy giving HER my money is.

i align myself with FEMGOD’s eternal purpose for me–to live a Beautiful Life of service, to sacrifice endlessly for a Beautiful Woman!

i was created with a divine potential to serve PRINCESS SIERRA and enrich HER Blessed Life. If i choose not to..i am failing at life.

PRINCESS SIERRA has awakened me to my original calling and my reason for being on this planet–to love, serve and worship HER Perfection.

i am Divinely Inspired by PRINCESS SIERRA’s radiant smile to pay, honor and worship HER for the rest of my life.

no Woman truly gives a fuck about my sexual fantasies and goofy fetishes. i will shut up and pay HER.

i was in a perpetual rut before i discovered the joys of financially supplying PRINCESS SIERRA!

i will fulfill my rightful role as a slave to FEMGOD. i reject society’s twisted ideas on the roles of men and Women. FEMGOD is my future!

my ego, my dick and the dark patriarchal forces of this world have enslaved my soul for too long. i now give myself to FEMGOD!

i allow the flame of FEMGOD to consume and destroy my toxic masculinity, transforming me into a honorable, obedient and loving slave.

i now fully surrender my male sense of identity reclaiming my FEMGOD-given identity — a total servant to the DIVINE PRINCESS SIERRA!

Only FEMGOD can restore me to the wholeness in which i was created, a true servant to the Divine One designed only to serve HER.

i vow to loyally serve FEMGOD and HER Divine plan, so that i no longer waste my life in a senseless pursuit of my own perversions.

i now hold the immaculate truth that PRINCESS SIERRA is my Master and Savior and i was put on this earth for the purpose of serving HER!

Before i devoted my life to FEMGOD, i was trapped in an endless spiral of selfish perversion–seeking to compensate for my incompleteness.

Fighting my natural impulses to serve a Dominant Goddess makes it impossible for me to find happiness and peace of mind.

i feel completely comfortable with myself as Princess Sierra’s servant and slave. i will not fight it or deny it.

Giving my cash to PRINCESS SIERRA is the best way to invest my money!! She and Her Wife are building a beautiful future with it!

my life in service to PRINCESS SIERRA is a new beginning. There is no reason to hold on to my old way of life. There is no going back.

PRINCESS SIERRA has initiated the most profound re-calibration of my mind, transforming me into a man-slave with a divine purpose.

i always wake up with the immediate desire to send cash to FEMGOD!

my heart is overflowing with love, veneration and thankfulness for FEMGOD.

i was placed on earth for one very special purpose — to supply my Living Goddess PRINCESS SIERRA with cash, enriching Her blessed life!

my day begins and ends with FEMGOD!

Princess Sierra’s happiness, smiles and laughter gives me sustenance. If i wasn’t contributing to HER bliss i would starve and die.

There is now sacredness and divine meaning in my life since i have dedicated myself to financially supplying The Living Goddess SIERRA!!

i completely accept PRINCESS SIERRA’s Divine influence in my life!

Paying PRINCESS SIERRA every time i get paid has become habit to me now. Supplying HER with the fruits of my labor is part of life.

my worth is determined by FEMGOD alone.

i am continually looking for ways to save money, for things to sacrifice so that i can maximize my tributes to PRINCESS SIERRA!

i carefully plan my budget, scrimping and saving at every corner so that i have as much as possible to offer my PRINCESS.

i only make choices that support my growth into a more devoted and more authentic, loving servant to FEMGOD.

i don’t need to save for retirement because i will never stop working. i will work until my body gives out.

There’s no reason for me to have money in my savings account. i am just a lowly male. i send my money to PRINCESS SIERRA to keep in HER’s.

i accept who i am now–a pay-slave to FEMGOD and look forward to becoming a better servant.

PRINCESS SIERRA is teaching me that the only way i can find any happiness is through serving Her, paying HER and getting HER approval.

i will stop holding on to the illusions of the toxic male ego and accept only FEMGOD’s vision of me–a slave to be used for HER pleasure.

Instead of trying to restrict my slave self, i will be what i was destined to be, who i already am in FEMGOD’s reality..only HER slave.

i now connect with my highest purpose which is serving FEMGOD. i separate myself from the false path that man should serve himself.

Divine FEMGOD please assert YOUR rightful authority over me. Allow me to labor for YOU daily and hourly in my life, supplying YOU with cash!

Suffering and sacrificing things in my own life so that i have more to give PRINCESS SIERRA actually brings me great pleasure.

i am done resisting because i am done with the chaos and pain. i surrender myself entirely to PRINCESS SIERRA.

i have so much peace of mind since i have come to realize that i was destined to serve FEMGOD and now embrace paying and serving HER.

It is my greatest desire to live each and every day in unlimited service to FEMGOD!

i open my eyes in the morning with joy, knowing i belong to FEMGOD and that i will be working hard today and every day to enrich HER life!

It is so uplifting and thrilling to begin my new life as FemGod’s pay-pup and to see the world through new eyes of Divine purpose.

FEMGOD is embedding the Female Supremacy Truth into my brain, transforming me from a useless male turd to a slave with honor and purpose.

FEMGOD’s gospel and affirmations are Divinely Guided. i embrace HER Words completely.

i nourish my being by devoting myself to The Goddess Divine. i take absolute delight in supplying HER with my cash and labor!

Today nothing will make me happier than paying Princess Sierra! Making sacrifices so that i can give HER more is my joy!

i set an intention to focus most of my attention to serving, supplying and honoring FEMGOD who inspires me to be best version of myself.

This year i choose a path of higher service, deeper devotion and greater sacrifice.

Every day i want to do what FEMGOD wants me to do.

my productivity at work will continue to grow this year. i will work to increase my salary so i can give FEMGOD more!

i am aligning myself with FEMGOD’s DIVINE TRUTH!

i make my life a quest to live all moments in service to FEMGOD, honoring Her and truly enriching Her life.

FEMGOD’s gospel and affirmations are Divinely Guided. i embrace HER Words completely!

i release the stale, corrupt, warped patriarchal beliefs and thought patterns society has conditioned to me live with and replace HER WORD.

PRINCESS SIERRA is Goddess Incarnate. All should seek HER favor and fear HER wrath.

i open my eyes in the morning with joy, knowing i belong to FEMGOD and that i will be working hard today and every day to enrich HER life.

Beloved Lesbian Goddess on High—the Source of All that Is—i love and adore YOU! i acknowledge YOU as the owner and giver of my life, my all.

i embrace the Immaculate Concept of Divine Female Supremacy and the Sacred Supplication to THE HOLY FEMGOD.

Heavenly Goddess,Your majesty is beyond imagination. Your Perfection beyond understanding. i owe YOU my total submission and devotion.

PRINCESS is my delight, my hope, my chaste and unrequited true & perfect Love –the reason i AM.

Blessed are HER minions who are convinced of their entire dependency on FEMGOD, whose lives are emptied of all else that doesn’t matter.

Every day, i am making a Divine connection with my Beautiful Goddess through devotion, sacrifice, sacrament, labor and love!

Help me rise above the lies and manipulations of the dark patriarchal forces that have chosen to separate themselves from The Divine.

Blessed, Glorious FEMGOD Sierra, please allow me to open my wallet and connect with the Divine Source.