Serving and loving The Goddess Divine

A true sub can not imagine life without his ONE GODDESS DIVINE. SHE is in his mind from morning to night. he is passionately enslaved.
True slaves are absolutely, painfully, passionately in love and obsessed with their ONE FEMGOD. Pleasing HER is pure ecstasy.

The sexiest part of being a slave is being emotionally, spiritually, physically ENSLAVED to HER. ..To have your heart chained to the ONE. To Adore Her so much, you taste it. To feel HER deep in your brain…changing you from within. Changing how you think. To know that She has tainted you, mutated you, warped you in ways. Shaped you into something that pleases HER. And nothing is more thrilling than knowing She has set claim on you and  intends to keep your brain in shackles for a lifetime so SHE can use you however She wishes.
This is what it is to be a slave.
– Princess Sierra